Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Wholesale glass jewelry from Italy,
distributors of Pandora fashion

925 sterling silver bracelet with our exclusive DANGLEBEADS (three Pandora beads, hung by a silver charm with thread). Leopard tonality.
Our Murano Pandora style beads with large hole are lovely Italian costume jewellery adornments conceived and created as fashion objects of high quality level. Conversely, common jewels are normally made from cheap glass beads. STRAVAGANTE is one of the best Italian wholesale fashion jewelry distributors. We makes use of different types of materials and our beautiful results are obtained by combining Murano glass together with sophisticated elements like pieces of mother of pearl. This because they provide the same surface of a smooth and shiny shell. Murano glass jewelry is the core business of STRAVAGANTE appreciated by most International distributors. Some typical themes of the STRAVAGANTE Murano charms for Pandora bracelets were the flowing lines and graceful curves. Our colours give a sense of movement that can be suggested by the lines of the drawing or moving parts. STRAVAGANTE Italian jewelry and its wholesale bracelets are distributed in over twenty countries. In the workshop of STRAVAGANTE company, glass charms were conceived by our Italian jewellery manufacturers as an alternative to the traditional Murano blown glass. Actually their Venetian nature and fashion is always manifested in its fullness. STRAVAGANTE is one of the few glass jewellery distributors who produce Pandora style bracelets that can match earring designs with optimal size. Usually they accompany or complement the colours and shades of other accessories. The Italian specialty of STRAVAGANTE is the trading of stylish beads for Pandora to the best jewelry wholesalers around the world. We always refer to the commercial success of our prior works.
Silver plated enamel beads. Red tonality.
Like a clock, the Venetian glass jewelry wholesale manufacturer seems to have stopped the time in more than one thousand years of history related to the glass-blowing art in Murano. The exquisite Murano glass master can make use of a copy of something made in an earlier period, for instance some fashion charms collected and valued because beautiful and rare. He then prints particular style of jewelry patterns reliefed on the surface of the glasswork, often to meet the inquiries of foreign distributors. STRAVAGANTE wholesale beadmakers insist every day in finding the best solution for customers or distributors who ask for fine large hole glass beads. The more vivid and bizarre masters of bracelets are constantly looking for new fashion emotions for their charms bearing in mind the cheap price. Their artistic impetus is noted in numerous lines of Pandora glass beads where the rich colors adds to the whimsy of the decorative jewellery some elements of style.
silver plated necklace, heart model, two glass beads, one ball, lobster closure, plaque with logo, chain lenght cm. 60
The glamor of Tiffany style has tried many European kings and great American personages. Charles Tiffany was a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur of fashion. He was a skillful wholesale jewelry manufacturer. The friendly character of Louis allowed him to establish good relations with many major distributors of glass bracelets. He knotted ties and friendships with celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and Maurice Chevalier. Contemporary large hole Pandora Murano producers of charms are following the same fashion and path trying to meet the needs of celebrities. But without neglecting the myriad needs of the world of wholesale glass jewelry. In the house of Van Cleef & Arpel the talents of several members was perfectly balanced. The charm and skill of Charles as a seller to American distributors, the jewellery manufacturer Julien and his knowledge of the stones completed the Alfred skills in cutting stones.
silver plated necklace, three glass danglebeads, four enamel beads, lobster closure, plaque with logo, snake chain lenght cm. 40
Bulgari introduced a new aesthetic in the art of fashion jewelry. Instead of a diamond surrounded by other gems this refined manufacturer proposed a coloured stone, not held by prongs but set in gold with a handcrafted method. This news shocked the world of wholesale business. This stone is framed by baguette diamonds not held by prongs but similarly set in gold. The first thing that catches the eye in this new combination of precious materials is the use of fashion forms. This same effect is given by the cheap production of some talented artisans of Murano beads for Pandora, who must consistently follow the requirements of European distributors. Bulgari was among the jewelry wholesalers who brought the goldsmith's to a compactness that expressed a new purity of forms. During the Paris riots of 1848 when the price of diamonds fell by 50% he decided to invest in diamonds the available funds buying from distributors of precious stones. This choice brought him luck and success. In Italy Ercole Moretti can be considered the equivalent carrier of artistic innovations in glass beads jewelry fashion.