Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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Why Italians produce the best
wholesale fashion jewelry?

  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Wholesale Murano glass beads,
Pandora fashion jewellery

blood red glass beads with 24k gold foil.
F8A-135 Murano glass beads in blood red style with 24k gold foil.
This is one of earliest wholesale fashion jewelry achievements in our charms collection. We have many large hole Pandora glass beads made with hard techniques. They consists in sticking thin gold leaf inside the molten glass. We at Stravagante were able, after years of testing, to manufacture cheap beads for Pandora for the International market of bracelets. Murano glass jewelry is the core business of our Italian company.
blood red glass beads with silver foil.
F8A-363 fashion blood red large hole beads with silver foil.
The combination of precious metals with cool glass charms is the only option to get the best examples of Pandora Murano jewellery style.
silver avventurine glass beads in transparent red.
F8A-282 silver avventurine in transparent red.
Although the use of aventurine in glass charms may seem expensive for the business of wholesale bracelets, Stravagante managed to make beads for Pandora in the strict Italian style requirements of Murano fashion beadmaking.
glass beads with cubic zirconia melted into transparent red.
F8A-ZB18 large hole beads with cubic zirconia melted into transparent red.
It took months of severe tests before being able to include pieces of CZ in our large hole Pandora fashion beads, in order to enhance the light of our Murano bracelets. The brightness reflects and diffuses all over. We always try to keep low the prices for our wholesale glass jewellery.
glass beads with red hearts on white.
UD-001 red hearts on white, cheap Pandora charms.
The application of very popular small shapes and fashion patterns like the heart and flowers in jewelry is the typical option we propose. Our best models of large hole charms for Pandora bracelets are produced for the wholesale International business.
glass beads with white dots on red background.
UD-005 white dots on red background.
Carefree and youth forms are proposed to enrich the range of our fashion bracelets made from Murano beads for Pandora. They are increasingly in demand by the international wholesale market of Italian glass jewelry.
glass beads in zanfirico technique, yellow and red.
F8A-B02 zanfirico technique developed in Murano, yellow and red.
Fashion patterns reminiscent of antique Venetian "rigadino" are often used in our wholesale Pandora style bracelets. They create a movement of color absolutely unequaled in jewellery.
glass beads in zanfirico technique, white and light red.
F8A-B07 zanfirico technique, white and light red.
STRAVAGANTE produces glass jewelry which requires the preparation of rods in different colors and fashion, blended together to meet the need of wholesale importers.
milky glass beads with red stripes.
FR-LH12 milky glass with red stripes.
The opalescent glass has been used since ancient times in the tradition of the best Murano jewelry. STRAVAGANTE offers many models and fashion designs that follow the footsteps of the past.
glass beads with white spiral melted into transparent red.
FR-LH13 white spiral melted into transparent red.
The purchaser of wholesale glass jewelry normally looks for quality at low cost. STRAVAGANTE offers cheap prices in any case, also for the most elegant and trendy fashion bracelets.
glass beads in African decoration with white motifs.
FR-LH18 African decoration with white motifs. This line was developed by Stravagante jewellery to meet the International needs of the wholesale distributors of Murano large hole glass beads.
glass beads with high-reliefed red decoration on white background.
F8A-198 high-reliefed red decoration on white background. The Italian fashion of luxury jewelry but also of the ordinary one, has always been the center of attention of the most sophisticated wholesale operators, especially those in northern Europe.
glass beads with pink flowers with central air-bubble.
F8D-H04 pink flowers with central air-bubble. No self-respecting international fashion operator can ignore the significance and value of the jewelry collections that are born by the expert hands of skilled Murano glass masters. They work day and night to find the best solution to the needs of increasingly demanding wholesalers.
glass beads with red and black stripes
F8A-351 red and black stripes. Our company has worked for over 10 years with major wholesalers of North america and Australia. Great appreciation for the way we work and do cutting-edge fashion and sophisticated technology. In short, a great example of Italian jewelry manufacturing.
glass beads with red and yellow stripes.
F8A-350 red and yellow stripes. Perhaps not everyone knows that STRAVAGANTE is the only manufacturer of Pandora jewelry adapted to the world of international wholesalers. While offering very affordable prices we propose a range of fashion accessories that highlight the most elegant features of Italian jewelry.
glass beads with orange stripes
F8D-H67 orange stripes. In the last year our sales of Pandora type jewellery are increased by 40% to the countries of Europe and North america. The reason is to be found in the ever innovative solutions that follow more youthful fashion and careful research solutions for the world of wholesale.
glass beads with white crosses on transparent red.
F8A-251 white crosses on transparent red. Buy at our wholesale price!
red dichroic silver foil glass beads.
F8A-347 red dichroic silver foil. The coolest inventions in fashion!
bird feather motif glass beads, with 24k gold foil.
FR-LH14 bird feather motif, with 24k gold foil. Trendy and Stylish Italian Murano glass jewelry.
glass beads with high-reliefed garnet decoration.
F8A-240 high-reliefed garnet decoration. The best wholesalers in the world appreciate us for the speed of delivery.
glass beads with high-reliefed dark red decoration.
F8A-238 high-reliefed dark red decoration. The Italian fashion is the best in the world, difficult to match and copy.
glass beads with high-reliefed red decoration, with silver foil.
F8A-234 high-reliefed red decoration, with silver foil. Murano jewelry is full of light and color, these features absolutely unapproachable from the classic precious metals.
glass beads with high-reliefed red decoration on black background.
F8A-203 high-reliefed red decoration on black background. The world of wholesalers is always looking for good and economical solutions, and we are up to any kind of situation.
glass beads in dalmatian red motif.
F8A-219 dalmatian red motif. The creations of the Italian fashion are a natural connotation, because our eyes are always pointed toward the beauty of Italian art.
red earth tonality glass beads.
F8A-269 red earth tonality. There must be a compelling reason why all buyers of quality jewelry are in Italy to buy.
smartie design in vivid red glass beads.
F8A-381 smartie design in vivid red. Wholesale prices for top quality jewels.
glass beads in arab white motifs.
F8A-J10 arab white motifs. We are the inventors of the trends in international fashion.
glass beads in hurricane decoration in red and white.
F8A-J05 hurricane decoration in red and white. Amazing jewelry for fantastic women!
glass beads with African decoration in yellow-red.
F8A-176 African decoration in yellow-red. If you want to achieve high levels of professionalism you have to buy wholesale from STRAVAGANTE
glass beads with dark red petals on white background.
F8A-357 dark red petals on white background. Vicenza, Valenza and Arezzo, Florence and Milan are set to the major centers of the Italian fashion.
ladybug glass beads, with high-reliefed eyes.
F8A-LB02 ladybug beads, with high-reliefed eyes. The creativity of our jewelry is noticeable immediately.