Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Pandora Murano beads factory,
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Pandora glass beads with Cubic Zirconia.
STRAVAGANTE is an Italian jewelry designer and manufacturer of fantastic Pandora glass beads. Still today, for the visitors of wholesale fashion jewelry who come to Venice and see the manufacture of Pandora style bracelets, the same scenes which inspired writers and legend are represented. All this happens because of the attachment that the glass blowers have towards tradition and fashion of Murano glass beads. Even nowadays a glass decorator in Venice is proud of being able to reproduce a cheap copy of the "Coppa Barovier". Magnificent goblets and vases, beautiful Pandora jewellery, fashion large hole beads and crafted Venetian centerpieces are proposed by skilled wholesale glassmasters. The twenty-year manufacturing tradition of large hole charms for Pandora bracelets has now made roots in Italy. The style of highly skilled craftsmen create incessantly cheap works of art of absolute beauty. The history and success of Murano is bound to beads and the name Murano itself is associated to glass jewellery almost as a synonym. STRAVAGANTE is an Italian company involved in the research and distribution of fashion jewelry wholesale, cheap Pandora charms and bracelets.
Pandora Murano glass orange beads with gold avventurine.
Murano is an island of the Venetian lagoon renowned for its artistic glass jewellery and bracelets. Here, the transparent colourless glass known as 'Murano crystal' was obtained from about 1450 on. The Italian wholesale lamp working of Pandora Murano beads and charms features extremely light and precious objects. It still serves to flatter modern styles and at the same time adds that inimitable touch of antique to the wholesale bracelets. The furnace's structures have remained unaltered over time and new cheap technology in the production of large hole Pandora beads is seen only in small details. Murano glass beads existed in the lagoon of Venice from as early as the 8th century. From the delicateness of charms in the lattimo material to the originality of coral inserts, the craft of hard working craftsmen while achieving Pandora style beads fascinates anyone. Murano beads for Pandora jewellery once completed suggest the particular process that it has undergone. This is the blowing and the manipulation with iron implements, thanks to the malleability guaranteed by the continual contact with the fire. Most people don't realize that fashion jewelry with glass beads is blown by hand and that the cheap raw material for the production is the glass cane. Exploiting the adhesive qualities of molten material, the master can apply complementary parts, getting the typical large hole or the original decorative patterns to the Pandora style bracelets.This is the skill of the master who he can add a finishing to a glass with fine coloured vitreous threads around the edge. The efforts, made by masters to solve the numerous problems found by wholesale jewelry operators, always have meant that Venice and Murano became an important reference point for the world of fashion.
Murano glass beads in Pandora style for beautiful wholesale bracelets.
Women are drawn to Pandora beaded bracelets because of their natural beauty. They are inspired by the magic associated with Murano glass jewelry. The jewelry has always been among the best friends of women and the glass jewels with beads are intimately linked with the history of fashion. With STRAVAGANTE, the ancient arts revive, like the processing of typical glass bracelets or necklaces and pendants. STRAVAGANTE cheap beads for Pandora with 925 silver core represents our exclusive jewelry line that you can customize by yourself. Like women, jewels are unique and special by nature.