Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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of Murano glass jewelry style
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Murano glass jewelry
large hole Pandora style beads

bracelet with snap closure, enamel beads, balls, star charms, lock. Seven glass beads with 925 silver core.
The process of fashion glass jewellery manufacturing requires infrastructures with expensive equipment and difficult to maintain for a standard wholesale business interested in producing cheap glass jewellery. Wholesale fashion jewelry is a difficult business and in Italy there is a centre and school practicing this Italian specialty, it is based in Murano Venice and it is called 'Scuola del vetro Abate Zanetti', available at This job requires great mastery of the jewelry glass blower when making jewellery charms and the critical speed and precision of the movements during the lampwork creation of cheap Pandora Murano jewellery with large hole beads is acquired only after long experience. Renowned Italian fashion glassmasters of the past like Archimede Seguso, Alfredo Barbini and Lino Tagliapietra, were creators of innovative wholesale glass jewelry like bracelets or charms and proposed original cheap solutions in formal style. This special Italian art almost became the exclusive activity of the people of Murano handed down from father to son, giving birth to actual dynasties of wholesale bracelets manufacturers and masters like Toso, Salviati, Ferro, Venini. A different artistic trend of style has been developed in this area, from northern European influences, especially from Denmark, where innovative fashion companies have proposed a new technology in glass jewellery and new methodology based on the construction of large hole glass beads jewelry and bracelets made from silver and cheap glass components like charms. Hence the long line of Italian artists, often individual craftsmen specializing in creating exquisite large hole charms for Pandora bracelets. Stravagante also took part in this adventure as far back as 2002 reaching a master stylist unique and unmistakable.
cord bracelet with four wires, silver plated toggle clasp, glass bead, star charm and glittering silver plated beads.
The discovery of the glass blowing technique happened at the end of the first century BC in Middle East and in Roman times. In imitation of mosaic, glass makers began this work in the second half of the nineteenth century recovering an ancient technique still used today by Italian fashion jewelry wholesale manufacturers for the production of large hole Pandora style beads in an attempt to reproduce certain Roman jewelry objects. The lampworking of Murano glass jewelry is a technique already applied in the Renaissance in Venice and was developed in the eighteenth century. Since ancient times man has paid an almost mystic attention to glass, attributing something magical and supernatural to this transparent material. The lampworking of charms and Pandora glass beads accompanies various types of hot made decorations, developing complex jewelry techniques such as filigree and zanfirico, the reticello, the working with canes and murrine, and the incalmo as well. The processing of solid glass can make sculptures, important details of massive design objects and works of art.
bracelet with lobster, enamel beads, glittering beads, six-hearts charm, locks. Five glass beads with 925 silver core.
The name "conterie" or counter is thought to have come from the habit of using glass jewelry beads almost like currency considering the quantity and diffusion throughout the countries with which the Venetian Republic traded. Is the legend that Marco Polo returning from his travels in the East into Venice has told how those people particularly loved the ornaments made from several materials and suggested to some resourceful and very active glass masters to reproduce them in glass.
silver plated oval hoop earrings, white glass beads with hearts, silver plated enamel red beads. Size mm. 35x40.
Stravagante creates charms and glass jewellery that allows women to design their own jewels using special cheap beads for Pandora. Stravagante encourages art, individuality and creativity among its customers. It is the appeal which raises the possibility to personalize a jewel which makes it an article of success: Pandora style bracelets made by Stravagante can be considered unique. Discover the latest models of Stravagante glass jewels like bracelets assembled with glass beads equipped with silver core, necklaces, pendants, watches. Swarovski crystal jewelry and accessories compatible with Chamilia and Biagi charms at low prices and excellent quality, an ideal solution for the wholesale glass jewelry operators.
glass bead with purple dichroic silver foil and 925 silver core.
Valuable glass jewellery items are made from precious metals and special components. Unable to resist the magic of glass material and its extraordinary appeal, you can not wear it to go unnoticed. Distinctive people appreciate the refined decorations and unique style of the most renowned Murano beads for Pandora made in Italy. Each glass bracelet or necklace produced by Stravagante is different, thus ensuring the absolute originality offering a wide selection of precious objects that meet the style of young Italian people, in simple words Stravagante jewelry gives people a tangible way of expressing abstract ideas and emotions.
bracelet with snap closure, enamel beads, balls, luckyclover charm, lock. Five glass beads with 925 silver core.
bracelet with snap closure, enamel beads with CZs, balls, lock. Seven glass beads with 925 silver core.
necklace and bracelet made from very long twisted glass beads (mm.45), black with silver foil.
necklace and bracelet made from big square glass beads (mm.20) with 24k gold foil.
Glass pendants in black dichroic translucent glass.