Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Fashion glass jewelry
Italian wholesale manufacturers

necklace made from hand-blown glass beads in several shapes (spheres, drops, ovals) wrapped with 24k gold foil. Three wires of organza.
As regards the work of the fashion jewelry wholesale manufacturer, the copying of precious jewellery goes back to early times. Also the Romans and the Egyptians themselves did it in the same way. In contemporary glass-making art, large works of cheap Pandora Murano glass jewelry, are often more highly valued than small works produced by the same glass artist. This by virtue of the materials and time needed to create large hole beads and charms. This is also a recurring feature in the business of those involved in the creation of fashion jewelry for the wholesale market. Looking at famous brands, Bulgari is a jewellery manufacturer of fine bracelets whose goal has always been to maintain close ties with the history of Italian fashion. The various wholesale jewellery artisans who tried to imitate him have referred to the Renaissance for the use of cameos and carved stones, especially regarding the colour selection. Stravagante in turn has always tried to follow the shapes, style and colors of the boundless source of inspiration represented by Italian art. From this inspiration we get the creations of cheap innovative charms for Pandora bracelets with large hole, appreciated by many wholesale traders of the fashion world.
necklace made from hand-blown glass beads in several shapes (pyramid, sphere, drop, cylinder). Clear glass in zanfirico technique.
Glass jewels produced by the fashion jewelry suppliers were at its height during the 1930s. Nowadays Stravagante offers the most comprehensive selection of large hole cheap beads for Pandora as regards the wholesale business. In our laboratories no room is left for the machinery when we work on lampworked Pandora style beads. Here, the master and his assistants participate in every phase of the Murano glass jewelry modelling. I was born as glass jewellery manufacturer and I feel the strength of the original laboratory, I like to follow the physical process of the jewel and walk phases. This is an inherited characteristic that belongs to my family, and thanks to this, today my staff is able to offer cheap Pandora charms of every shape and size. Credibility for any fashion jewelry manufacturer is a living heritage which should be fostered from day to day without ever getting tired. The consumer must obtain the maximum guarantees from the wholesaler, in absolute terms.
necklace made from millefiori murrina flat elements. Available in assorted colours. Diameter of each element is mm. 40.
Currently only two companies in the world are able to make top-quality Pandora Murano silver core beads and charms. Stravagante is one of them being able to satisfy only a small part of many requests. We are glassmakers often in difficulty when sourcing staff who are familiar with this type of work and we lack of new, young teachers in the lampworking of Murano glass beads. Charms and beads for Pandora wholesale bracelets represented our typical fashion jewelry production in the last seven years of wholesale trading. Among the Pandora jewellery manufacturers in which the white colour of silver predominates, our company has been able to offer to the wholesale market colour combinations before today unthinkable. For a long time the modern jewelry was characterized by a triad of colours invariable, that of emeralds, rubies and sapphires. Stravagante introduced in his chromatic vocabulary, fashion colours like purple, pink, yellow and orange, thanks to its Murano beads for Pandora. Pandora style bracelets produced by skilled fashion jewelry manufacturers are so valuable because they are beautiful and fine jewels, suitable for any events or anniversary. We are wholesale jewelry suppliers with sophisticated details in our glass beads; it is a strategy to combat imitations, at least the fraudsters will have a hard time.
necklace made from heart shaped turquoise beads with 24k gold decorations and black beads in dichroic glass. Big hearts size mm. 30x30.
We base ourselves on our exclusive real capabilities because we are now operating in a wholesale environment with a lot of fashion jewelry producers, lot of creative minds. Family tradition is great but a glass jewelry artist can't live on tradition alone, he needs continuous creativity, something that really sets him apart. The classic is constantly relived, redesigned, reviewed, our idea of classic jewelry is very modern and our customers call it the Stravagante style.
detail of a necklace made from hand blown glass beads with decoration in rigadino style.
When fabulous jewelry pieces made from Pandora glass beads are shown on wealthy celebrities, usually beautiful people who carry the fashions well, the public is impressed, and longs to imitate them. The US market is still essential for every wholesale fashion jewelry producer and the Italian company Stravagante is exploring the specific problems of the States as its main commercial contact. Creativity is the only answer to what is happening in the world, to the recession, the competition and the global market. Innovating a glass beads jewelry product means you show that you understand how it's made because the communication is the creation in itself. By the way the resourcefulness and entrepreneurship of Stravagante staff has opened jewellery stores to young people: freshness, new ideas, accessible prices and smart offers make luxury an evolving sector. The consumer is an asset for our organization, is the person with whom they develop an understanding, they offer skills, trust and opportunities. The trump card for sales is a short distribution chain that means getting as close to the consumer as possible. Stravagante ambitious strategy is the opening of single brand stores, so we need to expand the offer of our wholesale glass jewelry product range.
detail of a necklace made from big murrina glass beads (diameter mm.40).
The fashion jewelry manufacturers are witnessing changes that up until a few years ago seemed like madness, so they need to offer jewellery that reflects this reality. What is essential for the jewelry supplier is to understand the aesthetic and practical needs of consumers, who want beauty, wearability, and not extravagance. First rule for the wholesale fashion jewelry supplier is that the consumer has to love the product, all our jewels have their own special concept and they all reach the possible target. Inspiration, said the poet, is a deep breath but the ideas of the jewelry artist on the other hand are something else, they are the result of long musings or lightning flashes and creative talent.