custom made jewelry, handcrafted in Italy
custom made jewelry, Murano necklace with red glass beads

Custom made jewelry,
craftmanship made in Italy

GLASS JEWELRY IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE IT IS COLORFUL AND IMAGINATIVE. What is custom made jewelry? It is jewelry which has been designed for a specific customer, rather than being produced for general use. It is typically hand crafted by an artisan who consults with the client on several occasions to ensure that the piece meets the client's expectations and needs. The same approach is adopted by a custom charm maker. We are happy to take commissions for custom made jewelry because the preciousness of our artisan jewelry lies in the material we use, the artistic glass. Only with this material you get a wealth of colors and brightness that can not be obtained with the usual handcrafted jewelry made from gold, silver and precious stones. STRAVAGANTE produces amazing custom charms for bracelet. The elegance of our custom jewelry charms is appreciated around the world.

Custom made jewelry is
an occasion for a gift

Custom made jewelry like glass necklaces, bracelets, rings may be made on commission as a symbol of love and partnership. A husband might present a wife with handmade jewelry such as earrings or necklaces upon the birth of a child, for example, or parents might present a graduating child with a piece of custom made jewelry. If you are a woman who wants exuberant, bright, and elegant artisan jewelry that accentuate your personality making you unique, STRAVAGANTE satisfies your desire. We create elegant custom charms for necklaces. For the B2B area we offer the best opportunities in the custom charms wholesale market.

Artisan jewelry by
skilled Italian glassmasters

LOOKING FOR AN ATTENTIVE AND RELIABLE FACTORY TO MAKE YOUR CUSTOM MADE JEWELRY? Our artisan jewelry company is based in Italy and specializes in trendy handcrafted jewelry. STRAVAGANTE produces the best custom charms for Pandora bracelets. Buying custom made jewelry is an involved process, because it requires the establishment of a relationship between the buyer and the jeweler. STRAVAGANTE produces and sells an exclusive line of quality and artistic Murano glass jewelry in a network of more than 10 laboratories based in North Italy, near the Venice and Murano district, and in Tuscany as well. Our glass beaded custom made jewelry is entirely hand made from glass and 925 sterling silver by skilled craftsmen. We satisfied many inquiries from companies asking for special custom jewelry charms wholesale supply.

Custom made jewelry
for the demanding client

Our lampwork designers usually make some preliminary sketches, and refine them into more formal designs for approval by the buyer. Our artisans faithfully follow the old custom made jewelry tradition of Venetian and Italian glass art, often reprocessing the style in a modern way. Lamp worked Murano glass beads, Pandora style glass beads and charms, glass bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, glass items with millefiori inserts are only a few examples of our handcrafted jewelry production. Our preferred clients focus on inquiries related to custom made charms wholesale.

Handcrafted jewelry
made with Murano glass

WE ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS. If you have trouble finding glass manufacturers to produce that special personalized glassware, whether it is a custom made jewelry component, or another lamp worked glass, STRAVAGANTE is able to find the ideal solution at a lower cost compared to anyone else. This thanks to the dense network of artisan jewelry glass masters and laboratories distributed on the Italian territory, each specialized in a specific custom made jewelry processing. We manufacture any sort of handcrafted Murano glass jewelry and other customized glassware based on the client's design, following his suggestions and trying to meet his expectations. How to make a Pandora bracelet look good is one of our most performing business. The creation of fantastic Pandora bracelet themes requires a profound knowledge of the art of the goldsmith's composition. CLICK HERE if you want to produce custom made jewelry

Italian production handmade
by talented beadmakers

Our custom made jewelry pieces are produced in Italy and have a unique, precious and elegant design. The manufacture of Pandora personalised jewellery is our main focus. They are created with the technique of lamp working. This handcrafted work requires great manual skills from our artisan jewelry glass masters who use canes of colored glass and heat them up to the temperature of 1200 Celsius degree by means of a torch flame. In this way they get a pliable material in an infinite series of forms. They make artistic custom made jewelry pieces of great value appreciated throughout the world. The materials used are transparent crystals in which are frequently fused 24-carat gold leaf or silver powder or other precious metals, to give the jewel an exceptional luminosity and brilliance.

Listen to
our satisfied clients

We specialize in the production of wholesale custom made jewelry and Pandora style glass beads equipped with 925 sterling silver cores. The core can be stamped with our logo, or your logo based on your supplied drawing. We were the official producers of handcrafted glass beads for CHAMILIA (USA) in the years 2003-2005, when Killian Rieder wanted to start the production of custom made jewelry, especially glass beads silver cored, to compete with the leaders of those times, TROLLBEADS. The owners were looking for a reliable artisan jewelry producer of Murano glass beads and STRAVAGANTE solved all their problems. Now Chamilia is the third producer in the world of this type of jewelry and makes a turnover of millions dollars. A similar story occurred with UNODOMANI (USA) and LUCKYCLOVER (USA) in the years 2005-2007, with TWISTED JEWELRY (Australia) in the years 2007-2009. As regards the production of custom made jewelry, since 2010 and still today we are the official producers of BIAGI JEWELRY (USA), NOMADES (USA), AMORE & BACI (Italy) and other totally satisfied customers.

Our achievements
and our primacy:
unsurpassed Italian genius
and mechanical know-how

The quality of our handcrafted glass beads with silver core is comparable with the best known brands in the artisan jewelry industry, but with a significant lower price. This because we know very well the production costs of custom made jewelry and sell directly to wholesalers and retailers, without the high costs arising from the chain of the sale intermediaries. We are the only Italian company that has developed over the years 2003-2004 a unique property method for assembling the silver core into the hole of the glass bead. To accomplish this special custom made jewelry, we use curved and rounded tube at both ends that allows you to build a single monolithic silver piece. Our technique and method are still unmatched today. STRAVAGANTE glass masters are the only in Italy skilled in the inclusion of cubic zirconia stones inside the transparent glass beads in Pandora style during the melting, and jealously guard the secret of the technique used. CLICK HERE for more information on our glass beads

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