custom jewelry handmade by trained Italian bead makers.
code: B17-45
custom jewelry, black and white glass bracelet made by unique artisans. custom jewelry, bracelet assembled in Italy with black and white glass beads.
lenght: cm. 21.
weight: grams 34
glass beads: 6 pieces, flat square shape, size mm. 15x15, width mm. 7.
silver plated charms: 7 pieces in star shape, mm. 12.
bracelet: silver plated aluminum chain.
fittings: toggle clasp in silver plated brass with logo.
jewelry box: size cm. 9x9. Luxury cardboard in red color with warranty card. Interior cover in white satin fabric with logo printed in gold. Base in white flocked foam.

Custom jewelry,
unique craftsmen

Murano glass beads,
unique craftpersons

Italian jewelry,
unique experience