Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

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rubber bracelet with diameter mm.4, standard glass bead, silver plated clasp with customized plaque.
The business and art of the costume wholesale jewelry supplies was born during the seventeenth century in France and England. The middle class could not afford the style of gold jewellery with precious stones or charms. These items was increasingly copied and their use extended also to the rich who for safety reasons preferred not to wear valuable jewelry. Also the wholesale contemporary production of jewelry supplies based on large hole beads and charms for Pandora bracelets can be considered in all respects a residue and a modern reinterpretation of the work of the nineteenth century. The only decorative purposes of this type of cheap jewels enabled them to express the need for women to acquire a personal identity and greatly stimulated the work of many costume jewelry suppliers of cheap Pandora charms. The wholesale Murano glass beads and supplies with large hole created by skilled jewelry manufacturers since the seventeenth century and throughout the next period is still widespread and is now defined 'vintage'. Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Chanel were fashion and costume jewelry makers and suppliers, which in the twentieth century, embellished dresses with crystal and with coloured glass jewels and bracelets. Recently some wholesale Italian fashion designers have introduced this methodology by applying Pandora style beads on cheap clothes. These renowned stylish designers were well aware that the charms jewellery for every woman has always been traced to models of beauty and seduction. Every woman of the people aspired to wear the precious jewels of noble women. Stravagante is a well established supplier of wholesale Murano glass jewelry.
cord bracelet with four wires, silver plated toggle clasp, glass beads, silver plated enamel beads.
The main characteristic of the costume jewellery and bracelets is the value that it has acquired over time for oneness and uniqueness. The wholesale manufacturers of jewelry supplies follow quality standards in the production not found in modern times and it has scored a particular moment in fashion, costume and design, influencing lifestyles, art and culture. The costume jewelry manufacturers produce Pandora Murano jewels made from artificial elements. Nevertheless, the glass jewellery designers create Pandora glass beads and charms with large hole that show a peculiar and specific beauty which makes them supplies of higher level, produced in all countries. Nowadays this trend developed into wholesale costume jewelry which is an industrial product. This type of object must continually innovate to be successful, interpreting and influencing the public's taste. Cheap wholesale glass jewelry and costume jewelry has a very special market, mainly that of wholesale bracelets, because there are no brands or fashions to follow or to buy. The manufacturers of Pandora style bracelets and related supplies are fully aware of that, on the contrary all creations are unique and who buys it does indeed stand for, to wear something that will not have anyone else. The art of costume jewelry manufacturers has been cultivated for so long as the only art of copy and has only recently been re-evaluated.
silver plated ring, amber glass bead with 24k gold foil.
In recent years, vintage items from wholesale jewelry suppliers have begun to be considered real objects of worship and their great longevity demonstrates its high quality and value. A phenomenon that is occurring even today where, thanks to the work of skilled craftsmen who expertly managed to produce fantastic cheap beads for Pandora, providing a large part of the audience of this category of jewelry so far enjoyed by few. Creative people of Stravagante are glass jewellery manufacturers and the recipient of their unique supplies and their enthusiastic services are those companies that use Murano beads for Pandora to work it or to sell it to the end users or to other companies similar to them. Parents have always instilled in their children that only genuine jewelry was worth something, and that pieces purchased from costume jewelry suppliers was false, pretentious junk, but each genuine piece of Murano glass jewelry was highly treasured, saved for, and passed down in the family. Today, in the Internet era, many craftsmen have been modernized and opened shops of glass beads jewelry or costume jewellery and storefronts of all sorts.