Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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Pandora Murano glass beads
made by Italian masters

  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Large hole beads with silver core
for Pandora style bracelets

glass beads in amber tonality and Murano pattern with 24k gold foil and 925 sterling silver core.
Features of Stravagante large hole beads
One of the merits of the style of Italian jewelry companies like Stravagante is the creation of the most diverse and richly decorated Murano glass jewelry and Pandora style beads with large hole, but nevertheless the related cheap fashion jewelry wholesale line can be worn throughout the day. Stravagante company guarantees the made-in-Italy manufacture of the Pandora glass beads and Pandora style bracelets, we also guarantee the productive power of over 30 glassmasters who can produce 100,000 lamp worked items and cheap Pandora charms every month. The Stravagante lampwork school of large hole beads is smaller than Trollbeads, but of those who followed its ideas Biagi and Chamilia from the USA are the best known. Other costume jewelry manufacturers of wholesale bracelets have experienced similar roads and while not offering the same line of products have developed a tradition as interesting and rich of proposals. The eclectic spirit of Stravagante Pandora Murano bead makers led to introduce in the Italian glass jewelry craftsmanship an important innovation in the style as regards the lampworking of glass jewellery. Our business has always been characterized by an obsessive search of quality to meet any request from the Pandora large hole beads wholesale buyers. The business of cheap wholesale fashion jewelry is changing its skin and the world of Pandora jewellery charms with large hole is following this trend. To manage the increasingly complex and demanding needs of the world of cheap wholesale glass jewelry we had to change over time many processes to optimize not only the timing but also the style and the ability to propose new cheap ideas. And today we can be proud of the results achieved with the creation of a constantly renewed collection of charms for Pandora bracelets, considered to be among the best on the national and international market.
Italian bracelet with snap closure, enamel beads, lock, two danglebeads. Eight beads and one glasscharm with silver core.
creativity and skillness of Italian beadmakers
Italian jewelers produce the best pieces as regards the jewelry Murano glass making industry so much so that Italian beaded bracelets available in the jeweler's stores are beautiful works of art. The always growing presence of our cheap jewelry in the shops from around the world makes the audience immediately recognizable the style of an Italian bracelet like ours. Stravagante produces cheap glass beads bracelets to be desired, to be loved, to wear and the excellence on one side and the cutting-edge technology on the other are the cornerstones of its success. In order to appreciate the beauty of each Stravagante glass bracelet, a variety of factors are considered when taking a measurement of worth. New consumers are attracted by the look of nice and elegant charms bead items with large hole more than the value of them and costume jewelry suppliers must be able to take it into account from now on to be able to maintain their positions on the market. Also the artist's ideas through the magic of glassware are always in search of significance in the transparency of their art. Decoration in coloured enamels and gold leaf, which brought Venetian prestige in the past, is still used both in the modern large hole bead models and in the reproduction of ancient ones. Speaking of prices, we can safely claim to be the only European manufacturers of cheap beads for Pandora with high quality workmanship. The entire production of our items with silver core has its relevance on the internal market as well as in the export business of wholesale charms.
lampwork beads in zanfirico technique, light green and dark green, and 925 sterling silver core.
the artisanal district of Murano
Jewelry accessories and charms for Pandora style bracelets are meant to customize the look of every woman. Some collectors enjoy Italian jewellery and deep investigate its historic or academic value. Murano Venice is one of the most ancient productive settlements of jewelry still in activity and Stravagante offers a wide range of Pandora style beads that are highly appreciated by conoisseurs: each piece is exclusive and unrepeatable. Stravagante Glass Jewelry manufacturer offers a collection of unique Pandora Murano Italian charms to supplement the personality of each woman, and to achieve this purpose they are inspired by the most important works of Murano jewellery.
blood red Murano glass beads with 24k gold foil, the typical charm produced following the Biagi approach.
Stravagante is a fashion jewelry manufacturer of distinctive objects
Our jewelry pieces are characterized by extreme versatility and outstanding design that distinguishes our line among all those in the world of jewelry wholesalers. Through a wide range of Murano beads for Pandora and genuine silver, enamel, cubic zirconia and other precious materials all women of the world may finally achieve their unique style. Currently the reasons driving our creations are the continuous inspiration that comes from the shapes and colors of nature and from the multiform variety of expression of the Italian art. The result is an absolutely fascinating collection of objects worthy of the best wholesale jewelry manufacturer. Our history is full of completely new featured procedures such as our own system to assembe the silver core that still nobody has been able to imitate. This jewelry is very popular in different areas of the world where success is due to the skill and artistic ability of large groups of Italian lampworking artisans and the market of wholesale costume jewelry was deeply influenced by this Italian excellence.
red hearts on white, a very appreciated variety of reliefed elements.
technical aspects of the Stravagante manufacture
When ten years ago Stravagante excelled among many fashion jewelry manufacturers creating for the first time its unique line of Chamilia type jewelry, they decided to keep a goal in mind, inspire women to express themselves and the events of their lives through the charms and beaded jewelry. The natural result was the development of its own concept of jewelry for women, easy to understand and use. Each bracelet is composed by a very robust chain of links with diameter 3 millimeters. These links provide the necessary duration for our glass beads jewelry that stand for strength and quality. Every bracelet can then be decorated with individual charms, dangles or pendants. The choice of the order of the components on the bracelet is left completely to the owner of the bracelet. You can choose from a wide range of glassware charms, pendants, clips, and spacers to accent and identify your own bracelet or necklace. Clips and spacers allow women to add more charm to their personalized bracelets.
925 sterling silver cored glass beads
another example of skilled lamporking, ladybug beads with high-reliefed eyes.
a characteristic element in yellow dichroic silver foil.
our charms with Cubic Zirconia
this manufacture follows the ancient Venetian melting technique, cubic zirconia melted into transparent green.
dark blue beads with 24k gold foil, a mode of Stravagante expression.
light blue and dark blue stripes follow closely the best Stravagante vogue of this year.
fantastic emerald blue tonality with silver foil, one of our most successful challenge.
luminescent blue dichroic silver foil, to designate our last efforts in the lampworking.
lilla crosses on purple background, in this example of glass beads you see the result of a heated and fervid creativity of our beadmakers.