Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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Great Pandora style bracelets
made in bright Murano glass

  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Pandora jewelry style with
modish Murano glass bracelets

925 sterling silver bracelet, dalmatian blue Pandora large hole beads, blue striped Pandora beads, grey striped Pandora beads. Blue tonality.
The transparency and colour in any Italian Murano glass bracelet produced by our fashion glassmasters creates magic style and charming shapes. Proposing our Pandora style bracelets we create the allure of an age-old jewellery art that made the Venetian island of Murano famous all over the world for its cheap Pandora charms continuing to attract attention and desire. There is a kaleidoscopic manifold composition of forms in the Stravagante wholesale collection of cheap Pandora like bracelets and charms. They are considered beautiful Italian bracelets, precious Murano glass jewelry crafted using the fusion of raw material. This is the classic hand manufacture techniques to make large hole beads, real objects d'art that become cheap jewels in an almost unlimited variety of fashion shapes. Stravagante company is the Italian leader of the fashion jewelry wholesale production.
silver plated bracelet with snap closure, enamel beads, two glass dangles, lock, two dangle beads. One glasscharm with silver core.
Our main partners who deal with wholesale glass jewelry are constantly looking for new fashion ideas and cheap techniques, so below I list some footage from the past. The Tiffany technique often used in our charms for Pandora bracelets, was born and developed in the United States where it completed a revolution with the introduction of opalescent glass. Italian millefiori glass mosaic is another jewellery technique often used in Pandora style beads with large hole, and this fashion technique originates in ancient Egypt which main feature is the shine and brightness of the surface. The cameos technique used in some cheap beads of our Italian bracelets consists in superimposing several layers of colored glass coated with milky lattimo, then engraved with the wheel to get a white picture on a dark background. Other wholesale Pandora Murano charms, created with the technique named 'lattimo' are made from clear glass with solid filaments or spirals. Any cheap glass jewellery item made with lattimo beads with large hole can be alternated with white canes and others in different colours.
silver plated bracelet with lobster, enamel beads, glittering beads, double-heart charm, locks. Five glass beads with 925 silver core.
The glass material available in all designs of Pandora glass beads is an artificial compound. It is the synthesis of three major families of cheap natural elements: vitrifying, fluxes, and stabilizers. The main vitrifying element is the silica (SiO2) in the form of quartz. Long time ago the sand was provided but to get a high quality glass, since silica melts at high temperatures, it is alloyed with fluxes like soda and potash that lower the melting point. The compound is soluble in water and to make the glass stable and resistant to moisture and chemicals, the chalk and alumina are added. Although the glass is very hard and resistant to chemical materials, it can be attacked by hydrofluoric acid, as you can see in our cheap beads for Pandora with satin finishing. Many fashion glass materials at the time of the merging tend to become opaque on the surface, but to get Murano beads for Pandora without this phenomenon an overglass sodium or lead based is sprayed over the surface. For the wholesale production of glass beads jewelry, normally components are used that have been subjected to a process of gradual cooling and annealing. Fundamental and crucial is the choice of the oven for the realization of perfect Murano glass beads, each oven has its own characteristics and in all of them the temperature should go up and down very slowly. The characteristic of borosilicate glass, often used in the preparation of a medium quality Italian bracelet with large hole, is represented by the thermal shock resistance and hardness of the structure.