Murano glass jewelry by Stravagante, the Italian wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturer specializing in Pandora style bracelets and large hole beads assembled with special patented silver core.
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Italian wholesale bracelets
in a stunning Pandora style

  • Pandora style glass bracelet made in Italy
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet by Stravagante Glass Jewelry Company
  • Pandora glass beads with 925 silver core
  • Pandora glass charm equipped with silver core
  • Pandora glass dangle, Italian fashion jewellery
  • Murano glass necklace and bracelet, classic Venetian style

Wholesale Italian great bracelets
in Pandora style Murano jewelry

925 sterling silver bracelet, one GLASS CHARM in purple glass, two purple Pandora beads with Cubic Zirconia, six in zanfirico glass. Purple tonality.
Unlike buying at auction you don't have to make up your mind in an instant as to how much you are prepared to pay for beautiful Italian wholesale bracelets made in Murano style. Buying a glass bracelet with large hole beads and charms from a reputable and cheap wholesale fashion jewelry dealer is one of the easiest and user-friendly ways to begin collecting jewellery art. When some vendor claims to produce Murano beads for Pandora, it is important that the customer has the means to verify if this is true. The source must be marked on each piece of bracelet or charm, for example with a stamped mark on the silver core. In fact some wholesale dealers of cheap Pandora charms may even let you take things home on approval so you can decide at your leisure whether or not to buy that special fashion glass jewellery item. Once you find a friendly wholesale dealer of fashion jewelry bracelets, it is worth-while establishing a relationship with him. He will often look out for a special piece of Pandora style bracelet for your collection. A good indication of an honest and knowledgeable dealer or wholesale glass jewelry manufacturer is one who belongs to a trade association. If you see the logo on the bracelet of one of these organizations it is a sign that he has agreed to adhere to a strict code of practice. Learning from someone with first-hand practical knowledge of a particular line of Pandora jewellery can save you from making costly mistakes when you decide to buy large hole beads at cheap price.
cord bracelet with four wires, silver plated toggle clasp, glass beads, silver plated enamel beads.
Once you have paid, make sure you are given a receipt for your Italian style bracelet. Check also the glass jewellery dealer's name, the wholesale trading address and full description of the piece, including the name of the manufacturer, if known. In the case of buying a fashion bracelet of the Pandora Murano line with large hole components, make sure that it is issued with a certificate of authenticity from the wholesaler. The certificate must specifically relate to charms for Pandora bracelets because there are many fake and bad cheap imitations of the original. Before you buy, ask the dealer or wholesaler as many questions as you can about that special glass beads jewelry piece that has caught your eye. Keep the receipt in a safe place as it will be useful for insurance purposes and in the event as to there being a dispute over the authenticity of your Italian glass bracelet.
rubber bracelet with diameter mm.4, standard glass bead, silver plated clasp with customized plaque.
If you have a highly specialized collection of early Murano bracelets made with Pandora glass beads you would be well advised to use a wholesale company with an expert in the field of the estimates, as regards the fashion Italian jewellery. Always referring to the case study discussed above, do not worry if you purchased cheap beads for Pandora with large hole because, beyond the original pieces that are offered at deliberately inflated prices, there are honest wholesale producers of bracelets and charms, worthy of consideration. The Italian STRAVAGANTE jewelry company produces glass jewellery adopting techniques in line with wholesale market valuations. When you take a glass bracelet to an auction house or dealer for an informal valuation there is no charge, but you can expect to pay for a written insurance valuation. The wholesale valuation document should include a full description of the Pandora style beads. This would involve the maker, the type of jewel, the material, the manufacture techniques, and the size.
rubber bracelet with diameter mm.4, glass bead with Cubic Zirconia, heart clasp in 925 sterling silver, silver weight grams 2.20
Rare colours can add greatly to the value of a particular Murano glass bracelet because certain colours are associated with particular wholesale factories like Effetre based in Murano. However beautiful a piece of charms bead is, if it is poorly worn you will considerably diminish its impact. So, make sure that the bracelet is well protected against pressures causing cracks and chips. Restoration is a highly skilled art and an unqualified restorer can cause untold damage to precious Pandora style bracelets and greatly reduce their wholesale and retail value.